System for Cross-domain Identity Management

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Full Title or Meme

SCIM is the System for Cross-domain Identity Management.


It's an open API for managing identities, and for identity professionals, it's pushed as the holy grail. As the industry has moved more and more to the cloud, we see cloud vendors adopting SCIM at a higher rate. This plays into the problem that SCIM was designed to solve. Cross-Domain Identity Management. One of the biggest challenges in the world of identity has always been managing the different user stores of applications. Historically, our answer was for companies to build huge sets of "connectors" to talk to each application effectively. That worked okay. It wasn't the most efficient way of solving things, but it allowed us to move forward. SCIM is the game changer to that. Because now, no matter the application or identity store, once SCIM is implemented, you have one way to manage identities, with a standard schema that allows things such as just in time provisioning and automated remediation. If we take this up a level, that means as a company adopts more and more SaaS apps, by nature, it collects more and more user stores. Identity providers and governance systems don't have to build new connectors to integrate with those apps. If they implement SCIM, it's a simple REST call, and magic happens.