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Full Title or Meme

That part of the internet that is services rather than end User Devices.


  • For most users The Cloud is just that part of the World Wide Web that provide services as opposed to end User Devices which typically consume those service.
  • Actually most service that are available on The Web are exposed as APIs that provide services to other computers in The Cloud.
  • Most often the term The Cloud implies a server farm that offers a generic service that is then programed to provide specific services to others as opposed to purpose-built computer servers that are specifically tuned to the needs of the services offered.


  • The provisioning of generic cloud services has added a layer of abstraction on the web. Now a URL may just point to a load balancer which can distribute a request to any computer in the world that is best able to handle the problem at that point in time. The user typically has no real means to know who or where their request are being processed.
  • Now Identifiers are mostly completely virtual. Even users get Pseudonyms that reflect just one Persona of their whole reality.