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Full Title or Meme

The Tribal Identifier that was used to distinguish one member of the tribe from another was simple in that the total population where distinguishing one member from another was small.


  • Tribes are part of the genetic make up of human beings.
  • Tribes were a self-organizing collection of individuals that worked together for a common purpose, survival.
  • Tribes had their own mechanisms for enforcing behavior that benefited the tribe, the first form of Ethics.
  • In most tribes, if you did not work, you did not eat.
  • In pre-contact Hawaiian tribes, if you did not contribute to the welfare of the tribe, you were killed.


  • Economically the tribe was limited to what it could produce on its own, steal or trade with neighboring tribes. Cooperation among members of the tribe was good, but the results were strictly limited to the materials at hand. Civilization did not exist.


  • Since humans are genetically predisposed to support of tribal behavior, the best sort of identity management system would take advantage of this disposition.