Universal Serial Bus (USB)

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Nearly all computers and other portable devices support a single Universal Serial Bus (USB) for both data and power.


  • Legacy serial ports on computers were slow speed and specific to a particular function, like: keyboard, mouse, audio in, audio out, serial RS232 port or printer port.
  • Now when a device is connected to a computer is must identify itself so that the computer can recognize that device and ensure it has the correct device driver installed.
  • The smart card had a similar serial port with similar functionality. Since there were multiple card types, the card will "Answer to Reset (ATR)" with a code identifying it.[1]
  • New devices for User Identifiers and Attributes are supplied with USB devices so that they can use the common port.


  • Since the first Smart Card was issued, portable identification devices have needed to issue Locator Codes of some sort which allow the attachment to acquire a software driver to support the card.



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