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Ful Title or Meme

The User Interface (UI) contains all of the device functionality and currently running applications which present some physical connection to the user.


  • In this page light is considered to be a physical phenomenon.
  • Originally the UI was just the light image tat was shown to the user on a display terminal with a keyboard and soon after, a mouse.
  • As the devices have become smaller and hand-held additions physical phenomena have been enabled including:
  1. Sound that was coordinated with the display or used to get the user's attentions.
  2. Haptics like vibration which should be used to get the user's attention when the sound source was disabled.
  3. Input from orientation, shaking and motions made with the fingers on the display screen or else where.
  4. Finger print readers.
  5. Hight intensity light sources.
  6. and new ones being engineered every few months.