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The Verifiable Presentation is a collection of Claims from Verifiable Credentials with other claims that bind these to the subject of the Verifiable Presentation.


  • Decentralized ID is a related effort of the
  • A Verifiable Presentation is likely to includ a short lived liveness credential along with other credentials needed by the Relying Party.

Hide information from VCs in VPs

Aplieox opened this issue 20 hours ago · 3 comments Comments @Aplieox

Aplieox commented 20 hours ago Hello,

Is there any way to hide informations from VCs in a VP? The Standard describes that such a privacy-enhancing feature should be implemented. See here:


Member mirceanis commented 14 hours ago

Hiding information from VCs contained in a VP is only possible when using cryptographic systems that support this.

First, the VCs need to be constructed in such a way that their data is selectively disclosable. Then, the presentation only contains a derived VC which contains only that disclosable information along with a proof that the VC was derived correctly.

An example of such a crypto system is BBS+, but it is not yet compatible with JWT credentials, and therefore this library doesn't support it.

The recommended alternative is to use single purpose credentials, or credentials with few claims that can be disclosed together, as opposed to large credentials with multiple claims. This way, you are free to use any other cryptographic suite for both credentials and presentations.


Author Aplieox commented 14 hours ago • edited Thanks for the quick answer. Single purpose Credentials or Credentials with minimal private data seem to be the easiest solution.

Happy Coding.

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bumblefudge commented 8 hours ago • edited @Aplieox , you might want to check out the JsonWebPresentation work item in the Applied Crypto WG at DIF-- it's a greenfield project to add a new form of token to the JSON family for just this purpose. I'm not sure how committed that WG is to backwards compatibility with presenting today's JWTs selectively (or if that's even mathematically possible!), but it's the best upgrade path I can imagine for today's JWT systems to upgrade to selective disclosure without having to scrap all the JW* token tooling!


Parts of Verifiable Credentials

  • The user is asked to supply verifiable attributed from credentials that are on the user device or that can easily be acquired online.

Bindings to Users

Also called proof of presence.

Use of External Sites

All processes on User Device