Verified Information

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Full Title or Meme

A collection of Verified Claims or data together with the context that can provides meaning to the provenance, meaning and accessibility of that data.


While a great deal of ink has been expended (and captured on the wiki page Information) at is core information is most useful when view as input to a decision process. That decision process must be able to evaluate all of the data available, understand the reliability of the data and then act on the data. The better the information content of data, the more valuable it is. This wiki page is about creating packets of data together with the Provenance of the data, the Meaning of the data and the Access to the data. Lets look at each of those three categories:

Provenance of Data

Meaning of the Data

Access to the Data

  • Information (aka contextualized data) is valuable.


This wiki discusses one specific solution to the acquisition, interpretation and Protected storage of Data. Specifically it looks at packets of data together with meta data.


Other Material