Vulnerable Community

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Full Title or Meme

Any community that includes people who do not have all of the resources that are common to the people that develop the technology.


  • Geeks create code for their buddies and others in their own lives. Academics create Artificial Intelligences based on their data bases and the undergraduate students in their universities. This is never likely to change so some means of normalizing the identity Ecosystem is required for inclusion of all participates in the evolution of the ecosystem.
  • Some quotes from Michael L. Best[1]
    While privacy and security are important for all tech users, these factors become even more critical for vulnerable populations.
    Approximately 3.5% of the world's total pulsation (2019) are migrants. .. and this number continues to grow which has benefited those looking for cheap labor... it has lead to forced labor and human trafficking.




For more information see the wiki page Vulnerable Identifier.


  1. Michael L. Best Global Computing - Remaining Connected Through Design CACM 64 No 10 (2021-10) pp 22ff