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* Very had to get a high assurance [[Identifier]] for a vulnerable person.

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Full Title or Meme

A Vulnerable Identifier is one provided to an individual with limited ability to prove their Identity.


Most chronically homeless people don’t have a valid ID and can’t afford to get one. A team of Atlanta entrepreneurs are out to break the ID barrier—which can bar homeless people from getting jobs, obtaining housing, and accessing vital government services.[1]


  • Very had to get a high assurance Identifier for a vulnerable person.



  1. Mary Mazzoni, This Tech Nonprofit Is Trying to Help Homeless People Get ID. Motherboard (2018-09-07)https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/gynxdy/this-tech-nonprofit-is-trying-to-help-homeless-people-get-ids

Other Sources

  • The wiki page Trusted Location describes a solution to the problem on not knowing the trustworthiness or intent of a web page that is displayed on a user's browser window.
  • A Verified Claim can carry some of the same information that might be found in an Identifier Statement.