Vulture Capitalist

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Full Title or Meme

The Vulture Capitalist is one that lives of the rotting flesh of once good companies in order to produce high quarterly profits.


  • Vital Signs: 50 years ago Milton Friedman told us greed was good and that business had no need for moral principles.
  • Investopedia definition. AVulture Capitalist is an investor who seeks to extract value from companies in decline.

Vulture Capitalist Firms

Internal Vulture Capitalists

These are companies that were run for quarterly profits by Vulture Capitalists for a while, but then went back to their roots.

  • General Electric under Jack Welch
  • Microsoft under Steve Balmer
  • Boeing under Dennis A. Muilenburg
  • Intel under Paul S. Otellini and Brian M. Krzanich