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Full Title or Meme

The Web ID is designed by Google to give users an identifier that can be authenticated on their phone and used anywhere.


  • Web ID Explainer
  • Web ID GitHub repository part of W3C Web Platform Incubation Community Group
  • Most of Relying Party (RPs) use one button per IdP on a web site that takes the user to an IdP sign-in experience.



  • The path to a solution started on GitHub Early Explorations
  • Ii\t is clear that there are relatively few public IDPs in use (say, tens), particularly in comparison to the number of RPs (say, millions) and their users (say, billions). A structural change that only requires adoption by IDPs and no changes or engagement on the part of RPs and users is significantly easier compared to redeploying millions of RPs or retraining billions of users.