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Full Title and Meme

A display of information from a Web Site by an application that is installed on a user's computing device with full power to act as the user.


  • The first of the Laws of Security tell us that when an attacker gets to run their code on your computer, it is no longer just your computer any longer.
  • The Native App that is displaying the Web View is operating on the user's device with all of the privileges that the user enabled when the app was loaded.


  • In Open Banking it is proposed that a payment initiator and a bank can both have Native Apps running where the payment initiator app asks the banking app on the same device for permission to remove money from the user's account.
  • The article Watch Out for a Clever Touch ID Scam Hitting the App Store shows how unscrupulous apps can fool the user in to granting access to their bank accounts.
  • A Web View is a display of information from a Web Site. There is no trustworthy indication that the Native App has correctly displayed the information that it obtained from the Web Site.
  • Any script running inside of a Web View is operating with the full permissions of the user. There is no sandbox as there is with a trustworthy web browser.
  • There is no means for the user's device to indicate the trustworthiness of any running app.


  • The Native App exposes its name and the Web Platform Identifier of the web site that backs it so that the user can make a meaningful trust decision.
    • Android play store requires[1] any app that uses a brand name service to be securely bound to a URL that properly exposes that brand.
    • Apple has not released any plans to improve app naming security as of 2018-09-21.
  • Joint use Native Apps are provide to some industries for all to use. It makes the trust decision by the user much more difficult.
  • Same Site was designed to help, but as of (2018-09-21) is not consistently applied.

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