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Set security with Windows Group Policy.


  • While this feature of Windows was crated for control of computers in a Windows domain, it can be set on individual computers as well.


This feature is a super pain for use by normal users.


enable Group Policy Editor (Gpedit.msc) on Windows 10 Home.
If this method fails, there are other methods to try at
@echo off 

pushd "%~dp0" 

dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientExtensions-Package~3*.mum >List.txt 
dir /b %SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\Microsoft-Windows-GroupPolicy-ClientTools-Package~3*.mum >>List.txt 

for /f %%i in ('findstr /i . List.txt 2^>nul') do dism /online /norestart /add-package:"%SystemRoot%\servicing\Packages\%%i" 

Powershell Grant logon as Service

If PowerShell reports an "ExecutionPolicy Error", it may be necessary to change the ExecutionPolicy:

PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

... May Result in a signing error -- And then changed to:

PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

And then use the Script to assign the permission:

PS > .".\Add Account To LogonAsService.ps1" "NT Service\btsyncsvc"

Reset the ExecutionPolicy if desired:

PS > Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted

#written by Ingo Karstein,
#  v1.0, 01/03/2014

## <--- Configure here

if( [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($accountToAdd) ) {
	Write-Host "no account specified"

## ---> End of Config

$sidstr = $null
try {
	$ntprincipal = new-object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount "$accountToAdd"
	$sid = $ntprincipal.Translate([System.Security.Principal.SecurityIdentifier])
	$sidstr = $sid.Value.ToString()
} catch {
	$sidstr = $null

Write-Host "Account: $($accountToAdd)" -ForegroundColor DarkCyan

if( [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($sidstr) ) {
	Write-Host "Account not found!" -ForegroundColor Red
	exit -1

Write-Host "Account SID: $($sidstr)" -ForegroundColor DarkCyan

$tmp = [System.IO.Path]::GetTempFileName()

Write-Host "Export current Local Security Policy" -ForegroundColor DarkCyan
secedit.exe /export /cfg "$($tmp)" 

$c = Get-Content -Path $tmp 

$currentSetting = ""

foreach($s in $c) {
	if( $s -like "SeServiceLogonRight*") {
		$x = $s.split("=",[System.StringSplitOptions]::RemoveEmptyEntries)
		$currentSetting = $x[1].Trim()

if( $currentSetting -notlike "*$($sidstr)*" ) {
	Write-Host "Modify Setting ""Logon as a Service""" -ForegroundColor DarkCyan
	if( [string]::IsNullOrEmpty($currentSetting) ) {
		$currentSetting = "*$($sidstr)"
	} else {
		$currentSetting = "*$($sidstr),$($currentSetting)"
	Write-Host "$currentSetting"
	$outfile = @"
[Privilege Rights]
SeServiceLogonRight = $($currentSetting)

	$tmp2 = [System.IO.Path]::GetTempFileName()
	Write-Host "Import new settings to Local Security Policy" -ForegroundColor DarkCyan
	$outfile | Set-Content -Path $tmp2 -Encoding Unicode -Force

	#notepad.exe $tmp2
	Push-Location (Split-Path $tmp2)
	try {
		secedit.exe /configure /db "secedit.sdb" /cfg "$($tmp2)" /areas USER_RIGHTS 
		#write-host "secedit.exe /configure /db ""secedit.sdb"" /cfg ""$($tmp2)"" /areas USER_RIGHTS "
	} finally {	
} else {
	Write-Host "NO ACTIONS REQUIRED! Account already in ""Logon as a Service""" -ForegroundColor DarkCyan

Write-Host "Done." -ForegroundColor DarkCyan