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Full Title or Meme

A collection of services running a defined set of protocols that allows ordinary users to browse through the Resources made available with the protocols.


Originally limited to exchanging scientific pages based on a Hyper-Text Mark-up Language (HTML) the web blossomed into the ubiquitous connector it is today with the advent of full featured browsers start with Netscape's Mozilla code base. Now referred to as "The Web" or just "The Internet", it is commonly available to a majority of the world's population, mostly view Smart Phones.


  • Any Web Site that wishes to create a Persistent Identifier for a User will need to take responsibility for any necessary Assurance that the program running on the user's device really does reflect the will of the user.
  • Most of the larger enterprises operating on The Web prefer to supply a Native App to the users device to improve the User Experience for that site.


  • The most common way for Users to access a Web Site is with a web browser from some well-know browser provider either within a device operated by the user, or on a cloud computer under user control.
  • While current web browsers do allow Web Sites to include programs as JavaScript to run within the browser, they do provide a very restricted Sandbox where the script must run for security reasons.