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* See the wiki page [[Federations Trust Registry]] for ideas on how to present the results of an [[Accreditation Service]].
* See the wiki page [[Federation Trust Registry]] for ideas on how to present the results of an [[Accreditation Service]].

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A list of the enterprises and standards providers of Accreditation of trusted Enterprises or Web Sites.


On the trust page different roles are defined for Entities.


The following table is the known trust mark providers and some of their characteristics. Updates and corroboration are encouraged.

  • Category is --tbd--. The rest are closed in the sense that users have limited control over the release of their information. Some provide OpenID as an option when an alternate is shown.
  • Some sites are not Accreditors, but try to create trust by other means.

Company Location Cat Recent News
Direct Trust US Health association of 121 health IT orgs to support secure, inter-operable Health info exchange.
Health Online WHO Health seems to be focused on the quality of the information rather than privacy and security
IDEF US Commerce Founded by NIST now part of Kantara
EPCS for Prescribers US Health terms for creating an X.509 cert for prescribers
NVLAP US Crypto Devices National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program NIST - originally just crypto devices from FIPS 140 and now common criteria
Privo US U13 Child safe - Mark Anthony - Denise Tayloe
TRUSTED NETWORK US Health EP3 Foundation


Note that some of these organizations are just associations of large Enterprises.

Name Type Category Notes
AAMVA Attribute driver's license just verifies information at state Identity providers
Better ID Coalition Large US financial companies issued a Report
CAHIMS CPHIMS Health IT personnel HIMMS - CAHIMS directed to IT professionals, CPHIMS management
CHTS Health IT personnel AHIMA - American Health Information Management Ass.
Center for Medical Interoperability Health Information plug-and-play interoperability in healthcare, meaning the technologies clinicians use to take care of people can seamlessly exchange information
Center for Cybersecurity Policy Security Infrastructure
Certified EHR Tech Health Clerk? CMS.gov - seems to just be standards
Certified healthcare constructor Health Clerk? American Hospital Assoc.
Distributed ID One hundred point of identity
Electronic Health Record Health Clerk? AMCA - may be for profit?
FIDO Alliance UAF U2F Fast ID Online 1.2 specs dtd 2017
Kantata Initiative Federations UMA also Consent Receipt and IDEF
HCISPP Health IT personnel focus on medical records, compliance officer and security or risk management
HL7 Health unclear knows about FHIR?
OpenID Foundation AuthN+AuthZ OpenID Connect OpenID Foundation
RHIA RHIT Health IT personnel AHIMA
SAML 2.0 AuthN SAML2 OASIS-open.org original Single Sign-On standard
TSCP Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation is a collaborative forum of worldwide stakeholders in the defense industry to address security issues
W3C Credential Community Group Decentralized eg Public Ledger DID, verifiable claims sponsored by blockchain providers