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(Who Owns a Computer/)
(Who Owns a Computer?)
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==Who Owns a Computer?==
==Who Owns a Computer?==
* The original computers were large machines that filled rooms. Modern cell phones have more capabilities than these old machines, and fit withing a small pocket, there size determine more by the display surface than by their capabilities. While it is easy to ay who owns a computer, it is more challenging to ask who should be responsible for the functions programmed into those personal computers.
* [https://www.politico.com/news/2022/06/13/how-doj-took-the-malware-fight-into-your-computer-00038932 In the US the DOJ has decided that if a computer is behaving badly that they can unilaterally change the code in the computer to make it be more friendly]

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A Computer is just another human designed and made machine that is give a large amount of control over its own operation.


Originally a 'Computer was a human being that followed an algorithm to create a result. This computing function was drudgery and not well suited to most human capabilities, and so it was inevitably mechanised as was so much of human functions from prehistoric times.

Who Owns a Computer?