Consent Manifesto

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Full Title or Meme

The all-too-human users of the World Wide Web have had too little control of their own destiny when interacting with gigantic enterprises either commercial or governmental.


Theses presented as propositions for debate concerned with the question user consent in a connected collection of web interactions.

  1. While the internet was constructed as a fully distributed communications ecosystem, identity was only available from the fully centralized DNS.
  2. What has happened since commercial enterprises were admitted to the internet with the .com top-level-domain is the total domination by a few gigantic enterprises.
  3. The requirement for user consent to their interaction is this fully monopolized system needs to be enforced on those gigantic enterprises.
  4. Consent is always part of some other activity which almost always involves some sort of long term relationship between a human and a corporation.
  5. The relationship needs some sort of continuity over time for the benefit of both parties.
  6. The human may chose some pseudonym for the relationship.
  7. The best case allows the human to establish the terms of the relationship.
  8. I call this establishment a "consent to create a binding", others call it registration.
  9. The continuity of binding is established through some sort of "secret credential."
  10. the simplest form of cred is the cookie placed on a device by a advertisement.
  11. humans have here-to-fore hand little control of cookies, It is time to change this is some manner.
  12. there are (at least) two levels of assurance of the continuity (aka AAL1 and AAL2) in the first the human is very casual about the re-establishment of connectivity, in the second the human is purposeful in the re-establishment of connectivity
  13. The humans have better control as well as better security in AAL2.
  14. Looking at the way to make aal2, like FIDO & FIDO2 are useful, but cater to the company.
  15. human-centric purposeful connection re-establishment methods give the human the best opportunity to control the on-going consent process.
  16. The best method for achieving purposeful human-centric connection (IMHO)) is the smart phone (actually any internet connect device under the users intimate control)


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