Consent Receipt

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Full Title or Meme

Consent Receipt generated by an IDESG compliant Identifier Provider


Current draft of the Spec

Current draft of spec

Implementation on Microsoft ASP.NET Core 2 Web Site

Json output

 "version": "KI-CR-v1.1.0",
 "jurisdiction": "WA",
 "consentTimestamp": "",
 "collectionMethod": "user input",
 "consentReceiptID": "f4de5671-bd2c-4e54-b855-76f84f5b407e",
 "publicKey": null,
 "language": "en",
 "piiPrincipalId": null,
 "piiControllers": "IDESGidp",
 "policyUrl": "",
 "services": null,
 "sensitive": "false",
 "spiCat": null