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Full Title or Meme

For Identity Management a domain is a walled off collection of resources that can be preferentially accessed by members of the domain.


  • The Domain Name System was the first attempt in the digital age to create a set of Identifiers that could be associated within a trusted domain. It was a binding between an alphabetic name and an IP address.
  • The next step was to address individuals at one computer system using the mailto: scheme that is now universal for email address. The address that once identified a user at a computer, now identifies a user at a "domain" of computers.
  • The next step for Identity Management was to create domains that were dedicated to identifying users like tom@hotmail.com. Those user felt like they "owned" the name, but that was not strictly true.
  • The DID-core spec as created to give the users complete control of their own identifiers. Now we are engaged on a great struggle testing whether those identifiers, so conceived can long endure. We are met on a great battle-filed of that struggle to show the world that such a scheme can succeed.


  • The domain served a purpose: to bind together a set of users and computers in a domain of trust. There was a need for that then. And so there is a need for that today.