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(Title: GDPR is a scam)
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=Title: GDPR is a scam=
=Title: The General Data Projection Regulations (GDPR) of the European Union is a scam=
==Author: Tom Jones on 2018-05-25==
==Author: Tom Jones on 2018-05-25==

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Title: The General Data Projection Regulations (GDPR) of the European Union is a scam

Author: Tom Jones on 2018-05-25


This is a paper about how not to enable privacy for the citizens of any location on earth. It is rather a paper about the process that enables the representatives of the people to take the legitimate concerns of the people and draft legislation which does precisely what any set of rules always does, it benefits the interests of the organization that makes the rules. It often happens that the rule makers benefit when the people that select them believe that they rules are in the interest of the people, but that is only a side effect of the rule making process and never the primary goal of the rule makers. So it would be good to understand who will benefit from the GDPR. That will at least enable us to understand why the rules were written. We will then examine a different set of rules that were make with close attention paid the people affected by the rules to see how an alternate method can result in a better set of rules.

The Creation and Likely Impact of the GDPR

The Privacy Regulation now proposed for California