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Full Title or Meme

Sovereign states have a monopoly of use of force in its jurisdiction.


  • Each government can create departments of a variety of sorts which can be granted some subset of the government's sovereign powers.
  • For US State governments, it has been common for each agency to create their own customer/stakeholder lists with identity and sign-in.
  • Establish a basic standard for life and labor and provide the neccesary basic foods for all. Once that is done set the people free. Get out of the way and let them all make the best of themselves and win whatever prizes they can for their families and for their country. Only in this way can will an active, independent, property-owning democracy be established - (1947-10-26) Windton Churchill



Some Satus as of 2021-12-02

Kristina Yasuda to Everyone
UAE seems to have the best digital ID app
Singapore refused to accept paper certs that Japanese gov issued
so if you are a vaccinated Japanese flying to Singapore, and only have a paper one, you need 14 day quarantine
btw doing NFC phone to phone for mDL is really awkward
UAE is the same - I think your national ID card itself is a credit card lol

7:15 AMTorsten Lodderstedt to Everyone
and the government will pay your debts ;-)

7:16 AMKristina Yasuda to Everyone
wish mDL ecosystem would be the same
log into OIDC to get an mDL

John Bradley - Chile requires National ID on every credit card receipt, which make identity theft a national crime.