Mobile Driver's License with OIDC

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How to use OpenID Connect (OIDC) with a Mobile Driver's License (mDL) compliant with ISO 18013-5,


  • If the mDL reader receives the token and URL from the mDL, either during device engagement or device data retrieval, it may retrieve mDL data from the issuing authority via the Internet or locally. If the reader chooses to use the internet, either OIDC or WebAPI can be used to retrieve the information.


  • Holder - the subject
  • Wallet - the device software that holds th mDL.
  • Reader - the device used by the verifier to get data from the mDL.
  • Attacker - a bogus wallet that is attempting to illicitly gain access or steal data from the reader.


  • If the Reader might use the internet for some transactions, but not all, then the type of access can lead information from the reader to an attacker.
  • Activation of the mDL is not defined in the standard and there are seven access methods available including bluetooth which works over long distance.


  • The transaction has been designed such that it is not necessary for the mDL holder to physically hand over the mobile device to the mDL verifier.
  • A wallet that wants to be activated only from local devises should never use and radios than NFC as the others can be very distant from the holder.
  • Even after reading data from the wallet, the reader can still decide to go to the Internet to retrieve data on the holder.