Passenger Name Record

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Full Title or Meme

An identifier originally for airline passengers.


After the attacks on 9-11 there was a major push to be sure that passengers on airlines were well identified and vetted.


Passenger ID.png

  • PNR Code and last person to update the record (usually airline personnel)
  1. Name primary
  2. Name Others
  3. Seat No
  4. Seat No
  5. Return
  6. Return
  7. Contact phone - holder or agent
  8. Ticket Date etc.
  9. Contact Details
  10. Special Servies
  • Many other line items include FP = Financial Payment info

Secure Flight Passenger Data

This is sent by the airline to the TSA or similar security agency

  1. Name
  2. DOB
  3. Gender
  4. Redress number - to disambiguate passengers with same name as a do-not-fly person


  • Data may be retained for 5 years (archives may be kept an additional 10 years)
  • Six months after the flight the data must be depersonalized