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Full Title or Meme

A Pseudonym is a name used in place of a real name.


Many web site require users to have a user name which is unique on their site to identify the user.


User may wish to use some name that is not associated with their real name when the web site requires a persistent user name.


  • Users are often asked to use their email address as a local user name since the email address is a URI and hence unique in the internet.
  • When the user has an option, they often pick some sort of description name, such as a gamertag in a role playing game.
  • When a user needs to provide some sort of validated attribute for the duration of a session at a web site, a session ID might provide sufficient security to bind the verified attribute for the session duration.


Synonyms for a Pseudonym include user name, gamertag, non de guerre, or Subject ID (SSID). Anonym is not uses in the context of identity as it is