Publicly Accessible Data and Code

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Full Title or Meme

The very idea that Publicly Accessible Data and Code can be trusted to keep data private is utterly ludicrous, but that hasn't stopped the true believers.


  • Every since John Perry Barlow declared that "Data wants to be free" there has been a mythology built up around the idea that anarchy is good for freedom.
  • There is no evidence that this will every be possible given human nature.

The Reality

  • As expected criminals of all stripes have
  • But as "Deep Throat explained to Woodward and Berstein, the key is to "follow the money". That has always been what the tax man and the prosecutors do.
  • In 2021 the reality hit the myth with a double whammy.[1]


  1. Jack Nicas and Michael s. Schmidt, Bitcoin and Encryption: A Race Between Criminals and the F.B.I. New York Times (2021=06-13)