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Full Title or Meme

A signature on a digital document is designed to show that the document has not be altered and the identity of the key used to make the signature.


Curves Supported by OpenSSL can be discovered by keying

openssl ecparam -list_curves

"secp256r1" - For 256-Bit ECC Keys

"secp256k1" - For 256-Bit ECC Keys

"sect283r1" - For 256-Bit ECC Keys

"brainpoolP256r1"“ - For 256-Bit ECC Keys

"brainpoolP256t1"“ - For 256-Bit ECC Keys

IETF name Location Cat Recent News
US Health association of 121 health IT orgs to support secure, inter-operable Health info exchange.
secp256k1 WHO Health seems to be focused on the quality of the information rather than privacy and security
secp256k1 US Commerce Founded by NIST now part of Kantara
EPCS for Prescribers US Health terms for creating an X.509 cert for prescribers
NVLAP US Crypto Devices National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program NIST - originally just crypto devices from FIPS 140 and now common criteria
Privo US U13 Child safe - Mark Anthony - Denise Tayloe
TRUSTED NETWORK US Health EP3 Foundation