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Full Title or Meme

At the same time, in the same place.


Civilization grows as mankind learns to record facts and actions for view at a later time and in a different place.[1] Or a Marshall McLuhan said:
Cities were always a means of achieving some degree of simultaneity of association and awareness among men. When the family and the tribe had done in the respect for a few, the city did for many. Our technology now removes all city walls and pretexts. The oral and acoustic space of tribal cultures had never met visual reconstruction of the past. All experience all past lives were now. Pre-literate man knew only simultaneity. The walls between men, and between arts and sciences, were built on the written or visually arrested word. With the return to simultaneity, we enter the tribal and acoustic world one move. Globally.


  1. Marshall McLuhan, The Media Fit the Battle of Jerico Explorations Six July 1956