Smart Health Card

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Full Title or Meme

A (usually virtual) Smart Card containing at least some Identity and some Health Information, typically vaccination data,

The Smart Health Card is one of a series of SMART health specifications initiated by Boston Children's Hospital often with Harvard and other Boston hospitals.


Design Goals

  1. Support end-to-end workflow where users receive and present relevant healthcare data
  2. Enable workflow with open standards
  3. Support strong cryptographic signatures
  4. Enable privacy preserving data presentations for specific use cases

Use Cases

Technical Details

The overall JWS payload matches the following structure (before it is minified and compressed):

 "iss": "<<Issuer URL>>",
 "nbf": 1591037940,
 "vc": {
   "type": [
     "<<Additional Types>>",
   "credentialSubject": {
     "fhirVersion": "<<FHIR Version, e.g. '4.0.1'>>",
       "resourceType": "Bundle",
       "type": "collection",
       "entry": ["<<FHIR Resource>>", "<<FHIR Resource>>", "..."]