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* Built using the [[InterPlanetary File System]] IPFS.

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Full Name

Trust Registry Identifier is a Decentralized Identifier that implements a Sidetree protocol built on top of Bitcoin.protocols.



  • Existing Identifier Providers, like Google and Yahoo, extract information from users of their services for their own purposed which compromise the user's privacy.
  • Most other Decentralized Identifiers have abandoned well-testing and certified security protocols in favor of esoteric, new and untested protocols that are not supported by the hardware protected keystores that are necessary to achieve high levels of authentication assurance.


  • Trust Registry Identifier is based on the Sidetree, which this project uses internally to assure that all identifiers are unique for the TR network.
  • ipfsHttpApiEndpointUri
 Point it to the Go-IPFS HTTP API endpoint. The existing config points to the default endpoint:
  • mongoDbConnectionString
 Point to your MongoDB if you need to change the endpoint. The existing config points to the default endpoint: mongodb://localhost:27017/.