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Full Title or Meme

The Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0 is a standard means fro create a collection of claims to move between trust domains or federations. But since is it a data model and not a data format or protocol, it cannot deliver on that goal.


  • The Verifiable Credential was the first of a series of proposed standards to enable Self-Sovereign Identity by enabling the packaging of user identity information that can be verified by the receiver.
  • The Verifiable Presentation is created in response to a request from a Verifier which is known here as a Relying Party.


The current behaviors of SameSite are:

Term Maning or Behavior
claim An assertion made about a subject. (This can only be considered true if the term subject is interpreted very broadly.)
subject A thing about which claims are made.(Complete circulate - no real meaning at all.)
user agent A program, such as a browser or other Web client, that mediates the communication between holders, issuers, and verifiers. (This does not match DID core well at all.)
validation The assurance that a verifiable credential or a verifiable presentation meets the needs of a verifier and other dependent stakeholders.


The Verifiable Credential is a Swiss Army knife

The Swiss Army knife was designed for survival in the wild if it were the only tool available to you.

  • It was wildly popular and sold or copied throughout the world.
  • The Swiss Army knife is not used to fix a car our build a house if there are purpose-built tools available.

The Verifiable Credential spec was created to allow Verifiable Credentials to fill any identify function.

  • It is wildly popular among hackers who want to be able to create quick-and-dirly soltuions.
  • It is not designed to architect or build industrial scale identifier solutions.



  • This Evernym atricle seems to be saying both that it does not exist and it is right around the corner. (2020-12-21)


  • This was one of the highlights from XXXI Internet Identity workshop:(IIW) presentation by Timothy Ruff (