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Full Title or Meme

The Wallet is a word with a common well-known meaning in real-life repurposed for use in Identity Management.

Context and History

  • Microsoft Info Card was the first imaginings of a digital identity token that could be placed in a Wallet. It was a complete failure.
  • Whose wallet is it anyway? 2020-04-25 by ANIL JOHN of DHS SVIP



This wallet is provide by Evernym. This is what their website says:

  • Why can I trust this?
    • We don’t own any of your information
      • Zip, zero, zilch. Connect.Me is built on Sovrin, which means you can use your credentials anywhere, even on a different app altogether.
  • Your info lives with you
      • Your information isn’t stored in the cloud, it lives in your pocket. So you’re the one in control of your data, where it goes and how it’s used.
    • State of the art encryption
      • Connect.Me creates unique, pairwise cryptographic connections to communicate. It's like inventing a new, unique language each time you speak with someone new— and only the two of you understand it.