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* AAL2 ==> 2FA
* AAL2 ==> 2FA
* AAL3 ==> U2F
* AAL3 ==> U2F
* The best source of [[Truth]] about an [[Identity]] is obtained by documentation of the [[Identity Proofing]] process.

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Full Title or Meme

The level of trust that can be afforded a claim of an Identifier or Attribute.



  • In contexts where names are not validated (of low Assurance) the problem arises that trolls many adopt the name of some well-known person to be able to make statements that falsely appear to be from the real person.[1]


  • AAL1 ==> password
  • AAL2 ==> 2FA
  • AAL3 ==> U2F


  1. Synonyms include: Validated.
    1. Jack Nicas, Oprah, Is That You? Most Likely, It's Not. 2018-07-08 New York Times page BU1