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Full Title or Meme

An Assured Identity is an Identifier together with the Identity Assurance Level that the identifier represents a real-world Entity.


This page is about the strength of the binding between an Identifier and a real-world Entity. As a part of the evaluation of the strengh of the binding, the quality of the documentation of the real-world entity might need to be validated.



DISA is pursuing the development of assured identity to advance how federal agencies identify and authenticate people and devices to provide a more secure computing environment in these key areas: Hardware Attestation Protection of the derived credential from theft • Leaning on commercially available hardware-based secure elements to protect credential/associated private key on mobile devices similar to how DISA uses the Common Access Control (CAC) card. Mobile CMFA Mobile devices host a plethora of sensors and resources to collect, process, analyze and react to data of the surrounding environment. • Prototyping reliability and usability of biometric and contextual factors to continuously access, supplement, and strengthen the authentication process. Some factors being considered are: fingerprint, iris, face, voice, trusted location, proximity of other devices, and connected Wi-Fi networks. Desktop CMFA Common office environment relies on possessing the CAC to represent an individual’s identity and has proven reliable and more secure than traditional username/password. • DISA is piloting a solution than can prevent, detect and respond to misuse of user’s credentials. Pattern-based building of user profiles with machine learning through a software ag