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Full Title or Meme

Culture is the uniquely human ability to abstract Knowledge to a form that can be used to accurately instruct others in a different time or place.[1]


Prior to the professorship of Franz Boas in 1896 Culture was singular and designated what has been called "The Western Canon"[2], which preaches that cultural relativism is turning American students into unpatriotic nihilists. Since Boss's paper in 1911 and the work of his students like Margaret Mead it is clear that culture is learned and can be whatever we train our children to be.[3] While both of these ideas can be true, the choice of one culture over another is open for any person to decide for themselves and to attempt to then teach their culture to others who are willing to listen.


  • The web does not respect culture or morals, it just spreads ideas of any sort what-so-ever.
  • Cultures support all sort of bad behavior which was once isolated geographically and now is spread far and wide by the web.
  • While once the "clash of cultures" occured between countries, or regions, it is now wide open for all to see.



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