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The usage is peculiar to Microsoft as seen in this presentation by Pamela Dingle Decentralized identity: The Direct Presentation model (2022-02-02)
When we use identity-related credentials in the real world, they often have different properties than digital credentials. There are two separate ceremonies in most cases: issuance and presentation. If you have spent any time at a department of motor vehicles or a passport office, you’ve seen what an issuance ceremony can be – it is usually an intensive process, but the tradeoff is that once you have a credential like a driver’s license or passport, you can use that credential for multiple purposes, at multiple places, over a long period of time. You, the “holder” of the credential, can choose to present your credential as a (mostly) voluntary exchange, in which the verifier of your credential can grant you access to some kind of resource - for example, they might allow you into a nightclub, or allow you to check out a library book.

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