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Full Title or Meme

A collection of living and non-living components what work together in the real-world to increase the information content of the local environment.


  • The primary example of an Ecosystem is the world, which itself is broken in to smaller ecosystem that depend the existence of the world ecosystem.
  • Likewise, the world is dependent on the ecosystem of the galaxy which is itself dependent on the ecosystem of the universe, which is dependent on the physical laws made known at creation.
  • From the General Theory of Living Systems we know that the material components of life are matched with information components, each dependent on the other.
  • From the Identity Model we learn that we humans need Identifiers (names) for anything that we wish to discuss, from other people to corporations and even computer systems.
  • Existing definition: An ecological community considered together with the nonliving factors of its environment as a unit.[1]


  • Everything is in flux.
  • We need to know the state of affairs[2] at any given time to plot our own course in life.


  • We create a Framework for knowledge which is purely an invention of our own collective minds about the way that existing Ecosystem functions.
  • We use that Framework to build a new one about how we would like future Ecosystems to function and use that to reason about how to introduce changes that will solve known problems with the existing Ecosystem.
  • The page Federated Ecosystem considers how to partition the solution into federations.


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