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Gennady "Ari" Medvinsky • 1st Co-Founder @Ethlas | Ex-Grab | Ex-Google | Ex-Microsoft 15h • 15 hours ago

I've been reunited with my first love and it took me a quarter of a century.

Back in the 90s at USC grad school , I dreamed about building a crypto payment system for the internet that everyone will use. My passion goaded me into pursuing a Ph.D on it (NetCash: A a framework for electronic currency). But at that point, this love spark was not ready - there was more to it in order to make it work, a classic, "It's not you, it's me" moment.

Fast forward through 25 years of security product work for Microsoft, Google, Grab and others, I had the pleasure to be part of the best crew on a rocketship, Ethlas, that is heading for the moon. Just in a short span of 3 months, we have a GameFi startup that clocked:

- More than 130,000 users - Launched our own in-game token - Raised almost 3 million USD in seed funding.

Sometimes, it's all about that right timing, a spark and a stroke of luck to make things work. I'm sure glad mine did! Thanks for making this happen Elston Sam (and two other founders that will be revealed soon!) Read about our story here: