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*Typically a [[Natural Person]], or [[Carbon-based Life Form]] is a legal person.
*Typically a [[Natural Person]], or [[Carbon-based Life Form]] is a legal person.
* Depending on the legal jurisdiction, corporations, governmental entities and even (in Saudi Arabia) some artificial intelligences, or [[Silicon-based Life Form]]s are a legal persons.

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Full Title or Meme

A [[Legal Person] is a real-world entity that has legal standing in a jurisdiction.



  • Legal names can be changed by the bearer or guardian and so cannot be relied upon to stay constant over time.
  • Legal names are only valid in a legal jurisdiction, typically a sovereign state.
  • Moving the bearer of the name to a region with a different alphabet will require some sort of transliteration of the name at a minimum.
  • So the legal name could be different in different jurisdictions.


  • Recital 68 of the eIDAS Regulation of the EU states that Legal Persons are all of the entities constituted under, or governed by, the law of a Member State, irrespective of their legal form.
  • User Objects should have a name (key) that is assigned when the object is created, and that should never be changed unless some error has occurred.
  • Any other Identifier in the User Object should be changable under the right conditions.
  • Each data control can decide for themselves whether they wish to track the legal status of the Subject of the database object that they track.