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Full Title or Meme

  1. If a carbon-based life form = Nature + Nurture.
  2. If a silicon-based life form = Software + Data Store.


The intersection between real-world minds and digital Entities with their Artificial Intelligence.


Philosophers and pundits of all types have been working a both the value of a definition and the definition itself for many generations. [1]

Some of our perplexities may come from a mismatch between the purposes for which our cognitive faculties evolved and the purposes to which we put them today. … Our minds keep us in touch with aspects of reality — such as objects, animals, and people — that our ancestors dealt with for millions of years. But as science and technology open up new and hidden worlds, our untutored intuitions may find themselves at sea.
…we have no mental tools to grasp [these subjects] intuitively. We depend on analogies that press an old mental faculty into service, or on jerry-built mental contraptions that wire together bits and pieces of other faculties. Understanding in these domains is likely to be uneven, shallow, and contaminated by primitive intuitions.


  • Minds all come with some sort of self-aware sub-system that knows when it needs something else and can reach out to Knowledge coded in some form by other life forms.
  • The human mind has limited short-term memory and long-term memory, but it works very quickly and remembers things that are important to its survival.
  • The artificial mind can be purpose-built to handle specific problems, most of which are not well handled by the human mind.
  • So emulate the human mind only for those tasks for which it was evolved.


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