Policy-Based Access Control

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Full Title or Meme

Policy-Based Access Control or PBAC is any system where Access is mediated by Access Tokens that are evaluated by a digital policy language and policy control engine.


  • The most common Attribute-Based Access Control language XACML expanded their scope in version 3.0 to include the description Policy-Based Access Control although policy statement was defined in earlier versions.

Existing Languages


  • XACML 3.0 core spec.
  • This spec is written in XML with no regard of size of the message. It can easily be converted to json and this a a spec that describe the process.
  • While it is oriented to an overly complex structure using monolithic designs, it has well-thought out elements that should remain useful.



  • Clinical Quality Language (CQL) is a high-level, domain-specific language focused on clinical quality and targeted at measure and decision support artifact authors.
  • In addition, this specification describes a machine-readable canonical representation called Expression Logical Model (ELM) targeted at implementations and designed to enable sharing of clinical knowledge.