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How to use your browser and still protect your privacy and security.


  • This article address the user of a range of browsers on mobile devices, phone and tablets.


  • Browser are supplied by the operating system vendor using the specifications from the W3C committees.


  • Since you have different intentions when browsing, it is wise to have different browsers configured to work best with the goals of the session.
  • These two configurations seem to be the minimum, but it is possible that you may have finer graduations of control and so need more than two.
  • For the most secure configurations, either special browsers, or browser extensions are required. These are not address in this article which focuses on the broadly available browsers, as they are most likely to work with all the web sites you are likely to visit.

Searching and General Browsing

  • No sign-ins are used in this configuration, to cookies are not needed and not desirable.

s to User Web Accounts

  • Sign-ins typically use cookies, so these must be enabled.
  • Incognito (In Private) browsing may be enabled.