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A person (or AI) determined to uncover truths and the tell the world about that which has been discovered.


  • "The seeking is a never-ending circle until one is satisfied. For me, that satisfaction was never really present until the theories of QAnon started emerging."[1] "When a person grounds their serenity and joy in a false claim about reality, you do little but cause pain if you try to root it out."
  • Induction of truth from repeated (or revealed) experience is addictive. It gives us power over our environment.


  • Both humans and AI suffer from the same malady. We are not able to distinguish truth from coincidence. Some are more susceptible to the malady than others.


  • The unexamined life is not worth living. -- Socrates


  1. Virginia Heffernan, The Pleasure Principle Wired 30 No 4 (2022-04) pp 7ff