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Full Title or Meme

A Trustmark is an image with a Trust Link which can help lead a user to trusting a web site or digital document. The Trustmark itself is optional.


What is Trust on the web?

It might be accurate to say:

  1. I am my own Trust Authority.
  2. I have a list of trust authorities I will accept (on the browser that list is maintained by your browser mfg.)


  • Trustmarks are trivial to duplicate and mislead.
  • A Trust Link is just a URL which can lead to a misleading Trust Authority.


Trusmarks are just an aid to find a Trust Link.

Trusmarks acne be used by:

  1. Federations with a link to the entity statement that applies to the site/document.
  2. Notary Seal with a link that shows who notarized what.