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Full Title or Meme

Code that can be run anywhere with internet access to resolve URNs or URLs with an Identifier scheme.


Originally created to support the identifier scheme tid:


  • The big problem with any sort of Self-issued Identifier is Trust where there are no standards or examples of any trust without a history of trusted behavior.


A set of rules have been established to ensure that all the methods used in the resolution are trusted.

  1. Method names not issued by a UN recognized government must consist of 3 or more ASCII characters.
  2. Non-repudiation is supported by method
  3. Collusion is blocked by the rules and the practices of the method
  4. Justified collusion is logical and well accepted
  5. Once a method has been accepted into a Trusted Resolver it will not be removed, but may be marked as non-trustworthy.


Miscellaneous References

  • Example or
  • The wiki page Universal Resolver deals with any method for creating a tid:, including some excluded by a Trusted Resolver.