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Full Title or Meme

Nearly all sites track users at some level. There is generally some level at which users object which is dependent on the site's behavior.


  • This wiki page deals exclusively with the User Experience (UX) of a web browser chosen by the user to navigate the web.
  • Some comments and terminology my need to be framed in terms of the behavior of the web site in that User Experience in order to understand the entirety of the problem.
  • REST, or representative State


Just to be sure we are all talking about the same thing for at least the durations of this wiki page. The designation for first party (1P) is very web centric, but seems common, so let's stick with it.

  1. First Party (1P) - the web site the user navigated to.
  2. Second Party (2P) - actions by a native app on the user's device.
  3. Third Party (3P) - some other web site brought onto the UX by the 1P.