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*Reasoning of the current state of affairs.
*Reasoning about the current state of affairs.

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Full Title or Meme

A mental image of the state of affairs of the world as we know it or as we would like it to be.


  • Reasoning about the current state of affairs.


  • It is difficult to even discuss fixing any problem if the parties to the conversation do not share a common model of the current state of affairs.
  • It is even better if there can be agreement about the state of affairs that all agree is best for the future.


  • The General Theory of Living Systems is proposed as a theoretical model of looking at information handling systems working together in a common Ecosystem.
  • The current problem of discussion is how to build towards an ecosystem with Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.
  • The first step is the creation of Trust among the parties exchanging information.
  • The next step is looking at the User Experience that is the desired result of implementing the this Framework over the full lifetime of all interchanges among the parties.