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Full Title or Meme

The application of new ideas that cause disruption of existing patterns and traditions.


  • Identifiers have been discussed at least since the time that Adam was given the authority to name the animals of the world. (Genesis 2:19)
  • Cesar determined that all the world should be taxed. He had them go to their ancestral home to be enumerated. (Luke 2:1)
  • William the conqueror determined that all of the British Isles should be taxed. He created the doomsday book.
  • Chinese have been using family names since around 2,800 BC. Supposedly this was decreed by Emperor Fushi for all, not just the rich.
  • The Roman use of family name (Gens) died out with the Roman empire, but really only ever applied to the landed aristocracy.
  • In Britain last names became popular as people lost their binding to the land. Henry VIII ordered that births be recorded under the surname of the father.

In other words, necessity (to raise money, workers or armies) is the mother of innovation in identity, as in much else that we use today.


  • Technology innovation does: upend the patterns, habits and values of tradition.
  • Technology innovation does not determine: causes, values, reactions, outcomes.
  • People have evolved to seek out causes based on patterns. That has helped them to survive. But see page on Apophenia for the downside to that.
  • People now believe that their identity is personal property that they can manage. Governments still need to raise money, workers and armies. Conflict is inevitable.


  • There are few functional naming services today, for example:
  1. DOI
  2. DNS
  3. URN

Compare with other solutions like: