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Full Title or Meme

A system can be considered stable when external changes can be accommodated without major disturbance to the status quo.


  • Control theory is the study of enabling stabile system, whether static or dynamic.
  • An identity ecosystem can be considered stable when the binding of an identifier to an object can be trusted over some extended period.

Static Stability

  • A system can be considered stable when the mechanisms inside the system provide a restorative force against changes that does not cause wild variations in the state of the system.
  • A control system that is stable may have mild overcorrection, but when that is limited to one cycle, it is considered to be critically damped.
  • Such a system can be called Homeostatic.

Dynamic Stability

  • When the system is not stable without external inputs, it is considered to be dynamically stable when such external inputs are available and operational.
  • As described by the wiki page Homeostasis stability will require changes to the system of laws to enforce some level of stability. Unfortunately there seems to be no consus on how that can be legislated in the current political systems.
  • It is empirically clear that the current state of the world's identity ecosystems are not currently stable.