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Full Title or Meme

A internet service running the HTTP protocol to allow a Subject (natural or legal person) access to a collection of Resources.


  • While the HTTP protocol can be used for other purposes, they are not included in this usage.
  • In this wiki a Web Site can be one or more of:
  1. A Resource provider or Relying Party (Those terms are synonyms.)
  2. A Identifier or Attribute Provider
  3. An anonymous source of content which is not otherwise the subject of this wiki.


A User that wants to get access to Resources on the web needs some level of Assurance that they will not suffer an attack from malicious actors also on the internet.


  • The most common way for Users to access a Web Site is with a web browser from some well-know browser provider either within a device operated by the user, or on a cloud computer under user control.
  • A growing form of access to web sites is via a Native App provided by a source which should provide the security details about the app.


  • The page Web Site Identity explains the really horrendous way in which Users can determine where there are in the internet is badly broken.
  • The page Web Site Security explains the way in which Web Sites need to protect and inform users so that they can be secure on the web.